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Basic HTML to Excel Formatting

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I've come across this before but have never thought to blog about it, simply because it was quite an easy implementation in the end-up.

If you're exporting data from an HTML table to an Excel workbook, then the following will save you some time when trying to get Microsoft Excel to format the data. and display it as you desire.

Using Microsofts own Office XML format, you can style \ format the cell data using "CSS like" syntax.

For example, if you wish to format a date column, you can simply add a style attribute with the content style='mso-number-format:"mm\/dd\/yyyy"'.  This format is pretty self explanatory, but will format a given date in the format "10/01/2011" for 10th January 2011.

<td style="mso-number-format:"mm\/dd\/yyyy">

If you're a stickler for seperation, like I am, you can take this further by defining CSS Rules in a stylesheet and specifying the class name in your HTML elements.


neo-cron.xml corruption issue

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After New Years - we returned to a sickly server, and something I never came across before - so I thought I'd share this with you all!


Our servers are deployed as Multiple J2EE Instances runnng the latest version of ColdFusion 9.0.1.

When we tried accessing one particular application, we got the following error:

The Cron service is not available.  
This exception is usually caused by service startup failure. Please check your server configuration.

Don't be fooled by the error message, the real issue lies in a corrupted server file.

Turns out the neo-cron.xml file was corrupted.


Blog post 101 and a ColdFusion 101 Series

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To mark the 101st post on my Blog, and to complement my thoughts on what content I wish to publish on my blog in order to keep it current, I have decided that I will be writing some material on the following areas:

  • 101 - ColdFusion variables and scopes, to include complex and simple variable types.
  • 101 - Anatomy of a ColdFusion CFC.
  • ColdFusion by Example - A series of posts that provide examples of some of the most commonly used ColdFusion Tags and Functions grouped by type, with practical examples.
  • Syntax is easy, programming is hard.  A general guide on how to concentrate more on the actual programming side of development rather than getting caught up with the syntax!
It's a tall order, I know, and it'll take discipline in order to keep the momentum going with this, but the idea is to provide some useful output during this process e.g. code snippets \ templates along the way that can be used and altered by anyone (including me) during development.

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ColdFusion Panel Meeting - Wednesday 8th Dec

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Just a quick reminder that the End of Year ColdFusion Panel of Uber Awesomeness, organised by Ray Camden, will take place on December 8th at 11AM CST, 17:00PM GMT for those of you on UK time.

There will be a FREE Adobe Connect panel discussion with some of the greatest ColdFusion community members.

Full details and the link (which will be posted on Wednesday) can be found at Ray Camdens blog.

Meeting URL is http://experts.adobeconnect.com/ubercfpanel/

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<cfhttp/> Connection Failure

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I was working on calling a remote template via <cfhttp /> recently and was experiencing a Connection Failure Error.

Scratching my head I proceeded to inspect what was going on in my code and on the wire with Firebug. 

At first I thought I had resolved the issue when I discovered my return type was a complex value (struct) but my elation was quickly drowned by the "CTRL+F5" key combination :-(

Without any luck I decided to consult the WWW.

After a quick search I discovered that it was due to the reponse being Compressed from IIS.  Apparantly the HTTPCompression algorithm used by some versions of IIS is incompatible with ColdFusion (Java).


The work-around was to specify additional HTTP Headers telling IIS _NOT_ to use compression for that response.  See below...

    result="remoteCallResult" >
        <cfhttpparam type="header" name="Accept-Encoding" value="deflate;q=0" />
        <cfhttpparam type="header" name="TE" value="deflate;q=0" />



    result="remoteCallResult" >
        <cfhttpparam type="header" name="Accept-Encoding" value="*" />
        <cfhttpparam type="header" name="TE" value="deflate;q=0" />


That should do the trick!

Credit and a more detailed breakdown of this can be found at Steve Erat's Blog

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