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ColdFusion Content Management System

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If you're next application requires the use of a CMS, then I would highly recommend using Sava's solution.  (Now Mura CMS)

Even for use as the standard CMS going forward!!

We recently used it for a client application and have to say that, once we found our bearings, it was really an impressive system. Feature rich, completely extensible and written in ColdFusion - ALL COMPLETELY FREE and OPENSOURCE!!

Their forum also proved a great resource - with really quick responses to questions. But you have to bear in mind that they're located on the West Cost of America.

Anyway - their feature list should give you an idea of what the system can do - but to be honest - there's much more once you get playing with it!!

If you want to have a play around with it now - I'd recommend downloading the Express Version which gets you up-and-running instantly!!

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