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Using <cfexecute/> with Windows Batch Files

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Recently I wrote some batch files to complement some scheduled tasks I was developing to help with automating some processes that were being carried out manually by system administrators on applications deployed in a Microsoft Windows environment.

In doing so I came across a number of minor issues that I had to figure out, so I thought I'd share them here for anyone else who's ever required to do anything similar.

I was calling the batch file using the <cfexecute /> tag and passing some arguments to keep the script cohesive enough that its functionality could be used on other servers.

The code final code I used is below but I have discussed the important parts that I had left out.

        args = [1];
        args[1] = "argument1Value";
        args[2] = "argument2Value";
        args[3] = "argument3Value";
    <cfexecute variable="batchScriptOutput" 
         SCRIPT OUTPUT:<br />#batchScriptOutput#<br />
         ERRORS:<br />#batchScriptError#<br />
	    <cfrethrow />        

The issues I had were that:

  • I wanted to pass argument values that had spaces in them
  • I wanted to see the output generated by the batch file

Neither of this seemed possible without formatting the code as I have above.  If a "timeout" value wasn't set, I didn't get the output returned and it just seemed simpler to pass the arguments as an array.

If anyone has had any similar experiences or better methods of implementation, I would like to hear your thoughts.

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IE CSS Border Property Issue

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We had this issue at work last week and only getting round to blogging this now, but it might save some time if you're aware of this glitch with Internet Explorer.

There was a simple form that had an element of type "submit" that also had a background-image specified to give a roll-over effect like so (this was also tested with type="button"):

<input type="submit" id="submit" name="submit" value="Yes" />

The CSS to accomplish this was:

input#submit {
        border: none;
        background-position:top right;

input#submit:hover {
        background-position:right -212px;

OK, so the button worked on everything except for IE. 


The border was still visible but so was the button.  The image wasn't appearing at all.

Apparently Internet Explorer does not render CSS border properties with a value "none" (highlighted above). 


You must specify valid shorthand or individual properties for the CSS rules.  So to overcome this problem, the CSS was changed to the below.

input#submit {
        border:0px solid white;
        background-position:top right;

This seems to have solved the problem.

NOTE: This issue was tested with IE 7.


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Internet Explorer 'Non-disappearing Content' Bug

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I was working on a form that had dynamic elements based on a users selections.

Each form element has a help context icon that provides users with information on what type of information is required for each particular field.

The issue I had was, I found my help icons and also calendar images, for jQuery datepicker elements, jumping all over the form when elements were being toggled.  Another behaviour was that when a calendar element was selected, the animation would cause the icons to return to normal.  Not behaviour I wanted the users to have to just deal with, so I started on implementing a solution. 


Excel Opens but Cannot Find File?

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I came across a funny issue today with Microsoft Excel and thought I should blog it as the resolution wasn't that obvious.

I was working pushing some content from a Web Application to Microsoft Excel when I got the following error message.



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