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Adobe LifeCycle Designer and Tab Order A.K.A. Tab Index

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I was creating a PDF form using Adobe LifeCycle Designer to collect some data from external users to be sent back for processing via ColdFusion.

Whilst doing so I came across a task that I thought would have been quite trivial / easy but I found it not to be that obvious so again in leiu of my last post I hope this saves someone from digging around to get the answer!

Firstly, I did what any other user would do in my situation and hit the F1 key to access the help.  My search results for "Tab Index" were proving unsuccessful until I discovered that LifeCycle refers to it as "Tab Order".  This made a huge difference and I was able to hone straight into the material I was after and was pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, in a nutshell here's what to do:

From the menu, select "View > Tab Order" - obvious I know but not really when you're looking through the object properties trying to find the damn thing!

The follow these steps:

  1. Hold Shift then click the object you want to be 1st with the left mouse button
  2. Click the remaining fields in order.  There is a number in the top left which represents the current order.  This should change as you click.
  3. When complete, select "View > Tab Order" again from the menu to return to edit mode.

And that's that.

On the upside, I found the Tab Order functionality above quite easy and intuitive to use and also saved me from having to manually update some property of each and every object in the form, of which I had approx. 60.

Here's a link to a video from Adobe TV which also shows the same process for Adobe Acrobat Pro.



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Adobe Flash Builder 4 Installation Error: Exit Code 7

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I decided to promote my Flex IDE installation from Flex Builder 3 and Gumbo to latest release "Flash Builder 4".

I downloaded the application installer from: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=flash_builder

When I ran the installation, logged on as an Administrative user on my Windows XP desktop PC,  the installer would run, but crash out mid installation with the following Error...


Rethinking the User Interface Paradigm of IDEs

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When it comes to coding, the user interface plays a major role for developers.

Code Bubbles re-defines the development user interface, dealing with code fragments instead of files and concurrent working sets.  Definitely something worth looking in to.

You can sign up for the beta release here: Code Bubbles Beta


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Adobe Gumbo and Catalyst Software Available

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NOTE: The below is for Mac only at the moment - but I will try and obtain the Windows compatible versions.

I have managed to obtain trial copys of 2 of Adobes latest products Gumbo, also known as Flex 4 and Catalyst (formerly Thermo).

If you would like to try these, please follow the links below:

Catalyst: http://www.123adapt.com/adobe/Adobe%20Flash%20Catalyst_installer_mac_214930.dmg
Gumbo : http://www.123adapt.com/adobe/Gumbo_mac_installer_215018f.dmg
Serial : http://www.123adapt.com/adobe/serial.rtf

Also note that, this is authentic trial software from Adobe and NOT Illegally downloaded!!!

If you have any problems with these - let me know.


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Free Application Tutorial \ Demo \ Presentation Tool

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Found this nice little tool a while back for creating tutorials or demoing functionality of an application.

The output it generates is in Flash format, so the content can be viewed in a browser.

It also allows you to add shapes and speech bubbles, making it even easier to highlight and explain application functionality.

Also, the software is free!!!

Check it out here at: http://www.debugmode.com/wink/ and also have a look at the tutorials.

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