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<cfdump /> for JavaScript

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Thought I'd clear the cobwebs off the blog and start getting some of these posts I wanted to post online!!

OK, This has been around for a while and if you're not already using Firebug then the following links might come in useful.

In order of _my_ preference check out these utilities for inspecting JS Variables \ Objects.

  • http://www.netgrow.com.au/files/javascript_dump.cfm
  • http://flesler.blogspot.com/2008/05/jsdump-pretty-dump-of-any-javascript.html
  • Alternatively ColdFusion can also provide debug-level messages in the log window, details here:
    • http://livedocs.adobe.com/coldfusion/8/htmldocs/help.html?content=JavaScriptFcns_21.html

If there are any others you know of, feel free to add the to this list.

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HTML format CFGRID column data alignment

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I came across an issue yesterday where I wanted to control the alignment of certain columns in an HTML data grid using the ColfFusion \ ExtJS CFGRID.  At first I tried the "dataalign" and "headeralign" attributes of CFGRIDCOLUMN but after checking the docs it turns out that these are only available with grid formats applet \ flash.

Without delving into the ExtJS docs, I found a really simple method of doing this without having to write one line of Javascript.

<style type="text/css">
    .x-grid-col {text-align:right;}
    .x-grid-col-0 {text-align:left;}
    .x-grid-col-1 {text-align:left;}

 You can also update just the column headers using a similar method. 

<style type="text/css">
    .x-grid-hd {text-align:center;}       
    .x-grid-hd-0-0 {text-align:left;}      
    .x-grid-hd-0-1 {text-align:left;}

Credit goes to the following post http://www.webtrenches.com/post.cfm/quick-and-easy-column-alignment-for-cfgrid by @spraguey


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Internet Explorer 'Non-disappearing Content' Bug

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I was working on a form that had dynamic elements based on a users selections.

Each form element has a help context icon that provides users with information on what type of information is required for each particular field.

The issue I had was, I found my help icons and also calendar images, for jQuery datepicker elements, jumping all over the form when elements were being toggled.  Another behaviour was that when a calendar element was selected, the animation would cause the icons to return to normal.  Not behaviour I wanted the users to have to just deal with, so I started on implementing a solution. 


jQuery 1.4 Released

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All, Just to let you know that for jQuerys 4th Birthday - the team have released a new Major version of the JS Library. More details can be found here: jQuery v1.4


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Possible Solution to Debugging & Testing in IE

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Everyone knows how much of a pain it is to debug and test stuff in IE - especially for cross browser compatability and JS/AJAX errors or callbacks.

For development purposes - the following company provide a few nice solutions that could help with developing web applications in a number of versions of Internet Explorer.

DebugBar DebugBar: Is a toolbar which offers HTML DOM Tree view, HTTP and HTTPS Headers, page cookies view, HTML validation, JS Methods view, JS Execution etc. for Internet Explorer.

Companion.JS Companion.JS: Javascript debugger for IE - with detailed error reporting, Firebug like console logging, Javascript object inspection - enough said.

Last but not least...

IETester IETester: Allows for the rendering of web pages using the rendering and Javascript engines of IE5.5, IE6, IE7 and IE8 on Windows and Vista.

These are probably worth checking out as a solution to aid development and testing within Internet Explorer.


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