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QR Code Service Project - Part 1

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Just to clear things up and to get things started, I thought I'd formally introduce a little project I'm working on which I have, for now, ingeniously named the "QR Code Service". 

If some of the details look like you're reading a Wikipedia article then please forgive me but I have used some summarised references from there as my source of information.

The objective behind this project is to create a common interface \ facade for utilising and implementing some of the existing APIs out there that provide QR Code creation and decoding functionality for your projects.

It is not intended to facilitate your own code creation and decoding without requiring a 3rd Party service on your own server for this phase although whilst doing some research for this project I discovered that Ryan Stille has already created a project called 2DBarcode_j4l which uses the J4L Barcode Package.  I may at some stage decide to implement this into the project but for now I will stick to using my chosen 3rd Party service providers for now.

I will implement a solution for each provider one at a time and when ready release each individual class \ component as part of the entire project.


jQuery Textarea NobleCount Plugin Addition - Prevent Paste

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Firstly, thanks to Jeremy Horn A.K.A. The Product Guy for the jQuery NobleCount plugin.

I've had to use it recently and found it to be quite good, so I've decided to contribute back also.  Nothing much but a possible addition for preventing users from pasting charaters into the relevant textarea and bypassing the keyboard events. See below:


jQuery 1.4 Released

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All, Just to let you know that for jQuerys 4th Birthday - the team have released a new Major version of the JS Library. More details can be found here: jQuery v1.4


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jQuery - 25 Excellent jQuery Tips

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Jon Hobbs-Smith of tvi-web design recently posted a great article on his 25 top tips for jQuery.

Even though they might not all apply - there are some great little tips that we can apply to existing applications.

You can read the article here: 25 Excellent jQuery Tips

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