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MS Windows cmd.exe window and Fullscreen

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Today I was faced with an interesting dilema...

I was writing some windows batch  scripts to automate some Subversion tasks and I wanted to re-configure the display of the windows cmd.exe window.  I know Console2 and DOSBox are out there but cmd.exe is the default so I'm running with that for now.

So, in the cmd.exe properties dialog (right-click the title bar and select defaults) I configured the command window / dialog display options to be "Full Screen".

Once I ran my batch file, cmd.exe turned my laptop into a dumb terminal / DOS interface while running the sequence of events I had configured.  It's okay, once complete it return back to Windows normally but that wasn't the effect I was after!!  I simply wanted a larger command window within windows...


The problem now though was - How the hell do I get back to "Window" mode?  Everything I ran with cme.exe was switching to this mode!!


Quite simply using the key combination Alt+Enter, I was able to toggle between "Window" and "Full Screen" mode.


So hopefully someone else looking for this Gem will find it here!!

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Definition of a Function vs Method

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After a recent discussion as to the correct terminology to use when referring to code written in CFCs I've decided to share my opinion so people have a general idea as to what is meant when someone is referring a function or a method in its simplest sense. 

  • A function is a piece of reuseable code that is called by name.  It can be passed data to operate on (arguments / parameters) and can optionally return a result.
  • A method (also known as a property method) is a piece of code that is called by name that is associated with an object.  A method is almost identical to a function but it's purpose is generally to operate on the data contained within the component (class).

For example, in JavaScript, methods are defined as object properties that contain a function() whose intent is to operate on the data within that object.  Whereas an example of JavaScript functions would be built in global functions such as isNaN(), alert() or user defined functions function debugLog( content ){ console.log( content ) }.

Likewise, in ColdFusion, you could probably say that UDFs (User defined functions) and the standard built in functions provided by ColdFusion are "functions" and the functions within CFCs are methods.

I'm sure people have their own opions on this but in general that's how I like to refer to functions or methods.


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Contact Form Issue

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All, sincere apologies, but I have just realised that my Contact form hasn't been working.

If you have used this to contact me please and I have not yet replied please resend to [niall] [@] [niallodoherty.com] or contact me using the details on my About page.

Once again, sorry about that and I am working with my hosting provider to get this resolved.



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YouBloom - Blew me away

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YouBloom is a community-based platform created by artists for artists and their friends and fans.  Established to support unsigned talent, YouBloom's Vision is to enable musicians and artists to fulfill their potential, building and connecting them directly with a wider audience and – importantly – helping them to make a living.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending one of their awards cermonies, complements of my good friend Paddy Cutliff, where a number of bands \ artists performed live.

Aside from rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sir Bob Geldof, YouBloom founder Phil Harrington, International A&R music legend Nigel Grainge, songwriter & music producer Rupert Hine etc.  I also got to listen to and meet some amazing new and up-coming talent!!  There were no cover bands or karaoke queens here - this was the real deal!!!


Microsoft Office 2007 MIME Types with Apache and IIS

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I was working with a 3rd Party file service \ handling provider and came across an issue whereby when I uploaded a Microsoft Office 2007+ document the "detected MIME type" was being returned as "application/zip".

Turns out there's an easy enough fix for this for their servers.  Simply update the web server to include the new \ incorrect MIME types. 



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