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Quick and Dirty UML with yUML

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"A picture says a thousand words"

I have always been a big fan of modelling / diagramming a business' domain model and processes when desiging an application.  Not always wanting to jump straight onto a computer - I was a big fan of the old school pencil and paper for drawing out \ diagramming these as I found it helped me a) Get a better understanding of what I had to develop, the objects I had to create and their relationships and b) Helped identify any ambiguities or issues that may occur before and during development.

In the earlier days I would have jumped straight into my database management tool and started designing and developing my database tables.  Then Hal Helms taught me that the database should only exist to persist the data in your objects, and I agreed and therefore started taking a different approach to how I started out with an applications design.

I started getting into UML (Unified Modelling Language) and BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) which standardised what I was doing with regards to designing my application and helping convey what we were \ are trying to acomplish to others.

In doing so I came across a couple of useful tools that helped out along the way and one in particular I felt was worth mentioning.

That's where yUML comes in...


Programmer's dozen - Programming best practices

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I came across this on Simon Whatley's Blog and wanted to add it here too for anyone who reads this blog (and for easy access myself).

Excerpt from the JAOO site

"Take control of your code with these programming best practices from Kevlin Henney.  At JAOO Aarhus 2008 Kevlin used a trash can, vampires, a train wreck, whiskey and much more to make you understand and remember his 13 constructive points (a programmer’s dozen) about programming and code smells."  

As this is a must see, I have embedded the video of the presentation below:

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Creating and Managing your Presentations

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If you ever require resources, both online and offline, for creating, collaborating on and distributing presentations, here is a roundup of some of the resources available which allow you to do so.  The objective of this blog post is more for awareness rather than actually detailing the usage of each option outlined below.  I am also not advocating any particular solution.  They are all great and have their own specific features which may appeal to different users, so the choice is completly yours.  I would advise you to check them all out though!


DZone and ColdFusion Portal Links

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I came across these before but thought I'd share them out as they're pretty handy resources: DZone Check out the Cheatsheets too at RefCardz. There's one on getting started with ColdFusion 9.  

For ColdFusion, check out ColdFusion Portal.

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Possible Solution to Debugging & Testing in IE

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Everyone knows how much of a pain it is to debug and test stuff in IE - especially for cross browser compatability and JS/AJAX errors or callbacks.

For development purposes - the following company provide a few nice solutions that could help with developing web applications in a number of versions of Internet Explorer.

DebugBar DebugBar: Is a toolbar which offers HTML DOM Tree view, HTTP and HTTPS Headers, page cookies view, HTML validation, JS Methods view, JS Execution etc. for Internet Explorer.

Companion.JS Companion.JS: Javascript debugger for IE - with detailed error reporting, Firebug like console logging, Javascript object inspection - enough said.

Last but not least...

IETester IETester: Allows for the rendering of web pages using the rendering and Javascript engines of IE5.5, IE6, IE7 and IE8 on Windows and Vista.

These are probably worth checking out as a solution to aid development and testing within Internet Explorer.


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