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Err Msg: Internet Explorer Could Not Download <Filename>...

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This error was identified when we moved an application from our internal hosting to <CLIENT_HOSTING_PROVIDER>, with a server configuration of IIS (instead of Apache) and CFMX7.

When trying to download reports in MS Excel format, we would get a pop-up message saying:

"Internet Explorer could not download from . The downloaded file is not available. This could be due to your Security or Language Settings or because the server was unable to retrieve the requested file."

At first it was not obvious what was going on, and we had to try and narrow the problem down.

In the end-up, it turned out to be related to the following article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/196505

The two HEADER tags that were causing this behaviour on the page were:

Once these tags were removed, the page functioned normally and opened the excel content.

Please see the above article for the entire contents of the error.

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Another alternative CFML engine

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A link to the smith project was posted on the Scotish CFUG mailing list today - from the blurb:

"Smith is a freeware, cross-platform ColdFusion® engine, written entirely in Java. Running on top of Java Runtime Environment and Java Servlet Container, it can be virtually deployed on any operating system and work with any web server. Smith represents lightweight, yet reliable alternative to the existing ColdFusion® servers. It supports most important ColdFusion® features (see Features) and already drives several large ColdFusion® applications."

There's some info about setting it up here.

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Alternative CFML engine

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I recently came across this alternative CFML engine.

The principles behind it look very good (independent cfadministrators per site, very small footprint etc) and I'll be hopefully evaluating this over the coming while.

I am not sure as yet about such things as charting but there's a section on the site about Fusebox which might warrant further reading.

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