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Searching for Stored Procs in a Database related to a Table

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Maybe already widely used but I thought this was worth bloggin!

I was looking to update some functionality in an application which mean't searching through the code for any references to a particular table.

Although there were some references to the table in the pages I also had to ensure that any Stored Procs and Views etc. were also updated.

I used the following useful little piece of TSQL to find the stored procs that contained any reference to my table (obviously change the text "TABLE_NAME_GOES_HERE" below to suit):

SELECT DISTINCT so.name, so.type

FROM syscomments sc

INNER JOIN sysobjects so ON sc.id = so.id


This returns a list like below:


ssp_ApproveBatch P
ssp_DeleteProducts P
ssp_DeleteSales P
ssp_GetOrderedItems P
ssp_GetSalesSummary P
vw_SalesInputters V

P - Indicate a stored procedure
V - Indicates a view

This is very basic script and can probably be built on i.e. create a SP with this code which accepts the table name as argument etc. but time is limited ATM.

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Using Stored Procedures Within CF Applications

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I found a very good article entitled "Harnessing the Power of SQL Server Using Stored Procedures".

It details how and why stored procedures should be used rather than embedded SQL in cfquery's.

Details can be found here: http://coldfusion.sys-con.com/read/45571.htm

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SQL Server Temporary Tables Vs Table Variables

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Just to keep the blog from drying up, here's an article by Ben Forta which describes the options when using temp tables in your stored procs.

SQL Server Temporary Tables Versus Table Variables

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Resetting the identity of a table in SQL

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This is the SQL command to change the identity value

DBCC CHECKIDENT ('table name', RESEED, new value)

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Select a Random Record from the DB using SQL

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Nice wee snippet for selecting random rows from SQL:

SELECT TOP 1 ColumnName

FROM         TableName

ORDER BY     NewID()

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