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Installing and Getting Started with DocPad on Windows

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This blogpost is written in the context of using DocPad with No Skeleton and the ECO (Embedded CoffeeScript Templates) templating engine.

Whilst contributing to the Adobe open source project Topcoat.io I had the chance to get up close and personal with DocPad.

DocPad is a next generation web architecture; allowing for

  • Content management via the file system
  • Rendering via plugins, and
  • Static site generation for deployment anywhere.

It's built with Node.js and Express.js, making it naturally fast and easily extendable.

During my time using DocPad I had some issues which I was able to easily overcome so I thought I would document these here so that other in the same position can hopefully find my blog and save themselves some time by trying out these possible workarounds and get to know and use DocPad as it truely is a great toolkit for any web developer looking to get their hands dirty with static site generation.


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