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Possible Solution to Debugging & Testing in IE

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Everyone knows how much of a pain it is to debug and test stuff in IE - especially for cross browser compatability and JS/AJAX errors or callbacks.

For development purposes - the following company provide a few nice solutions that could help with developing web applications in a number of versions of Internet Explorer.

DebugBar DebugBar: Is a toolbar which offers HTML DOM Tree view, HTTP and HTTPS Headers, page cookies view, HTML validation, JS Methods view, JS Execution etc. for Internet Explorer.

Companion.JS Companion.JS: Javascript debugger for IE - with detailed error reporting, Firebug like console logging, Javascript object inspection - enough said.

Last but not least...

IETester IETester: Allows for the rendering of web pages using the rendering and Javascript engines of IE5.5, IE6, IE7 and IE8 on Windows and Vista.

These are probably worth checking out as a solution to aid development and testing within Internet Explorer.


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Cross Browser Testing Solution from Microsoft

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Microsoft (the King of browsers) have released the Beta of a new Cross Browser Compatability tool which allows you to compare different rendering engines - named "Expression Web SuperPreview".

As an alternative to having Virtual Machine software with different environments configured - or Multiple IE's installed, this looks, on paper, to be a sound solution.

Details can be found here: Expression Web SuperPreview.

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More Coldfusion Unit Testing

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Sean Corfield has blogged about a new unit testing framework which integrates with eclipse.

You can check it out here: MX Unit

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New ColdFusion Debugger

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Well, not so new, but version 1.0 of Coldfire has just been released.

It plugs into the Firebug Firefox extension and works a treat.

If you write any sort of complex Javascript, you really need Firebug. It allows step-through debugging and variable watching etc. Coldfire plugs into it and displays all the usual debugging information in a much better format.

It also allows you to watch ColdFusion variables as the request is executed.

More information and Download

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