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MS Windows cmd.exe window and Fullscreen

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Today I was faced with an interesting dilema...

I was writing some windows batch  scripts to automate some Subversion tasks and I wanted to re-configure the display of the windows cmd.exe window.  I know Console2 and DOSBox are out there but cmd.exe is the default so I'm running with that for now.

So, in the cmd.exe properties dialog (right-click the title bar and select defaults) I configured the command window / dialog display options to be "Full Screen".

Once I ran my batch file, cmd.exe turned my laptop into a dumb terminal / DOS interface while running the sequence of events I had configured.  It's okay, once complete it return back to Windows normally but that wasn't the effect I was after!!  I simply wanted a larger command window within windows...


The problem now though was - How the hell do I get back to "Window" mode?  Everything I ran with cme.exe was switching to this mode!!


Quite simply using the key combination Alt+Enter, I was able to toggle between "Window" and "Full Screen" mode.


So hopefully someone else looking for this Gem will find it here!!

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GitHub, SSH and Windows

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As part of scratching my itch to learn Ruby I decided to create a GitHub repository for storing my code, downloaded samples and koans.  Being mainly a Subversion user I decided to use GitHub for this, simply to extend my knowledge of this popular version control system.

When setting up GitHub using the detailed instructions here I ran into an issue when testing my SSH Connection, which GitHub uses to enable secure communications between your computer and the server.  Using GitBash I entered the following command:

$ ssh -T git@github.com

$ Permission denied (publickey).

I resorted to the documentation and found the following command:

$ ssh -vT git@github.com

Using the switch -vT instructs the terminal to show debug details.  Upon reviewing this debug I noticed that the session connected successfully but when trying to authenticate with my generated public key, the files being searched for where not the same as the name I created for mines.

OpenSSH was searching the .ssh folder for one of the following public key file names:

  • identity
  • id_rsa
  • id_dsa

To resolve this issue - I renamed the key files to id_rsa which resolved this issue for me.  There were two in the .ssh directory (id_rsa.pub and id_rsa).

So when creating an ssh key, when asked to enter a file in which to save the key - simply hit "Enter" and it will use the default settings.


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Using <cfexecute/> with Windows Batch Files

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Recently I wrote some batch files to complement some scheduled tasks I was developing to help with automating some processes that were being carried out manually by system administrators on applications deployed in a Microsoft Windows environment.

In doing so I came across a number of minor issues that I had to figure out, so I thought I'd share them here for anyone else who's ever required to do anything similar.

I was calling the batch file using the <cfexecute /> tag and passing some arguments to keep the script cohesive enough that its functionality could be used on other servers.

The code final code I used is below but I have discussed the important parts that I had left out.

        args = [1];
        args[1] = "argument1Value";
        args[2] = "argument2Value";
        args[3] = "argument3Value";
    <cfexecute variable="batchScriptOutput" 
         SCRIPT OUTPUT:<br />#batchScriptOutput#<br />
         ERRORS:<br />#batchScriptError#<br />
	    <cfrethrow />        

The issues I had were that:

  • I wanted to pass argument values that had spaces in them
  • I wanted to see the output generated by the batch file

Neither of this seemed possible without formatting the code as I have above.  If a "timeout" value wasn't set, I didn't get the output returned and it just seemed simpler to pass the arguments as an array.

If anyone has had any similar experiences or better methods of implementation, I would like to hear your thoughts.

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