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Microsoft Office 2007 MIME Types with Apache and IIS

Apache , IIS , Misc , MS Office , Server and Hosting 5 Comments »


I was working with a 3rd Party file service \ handling provider and came across an issue whereby when I uploaded a Microsoft Office 2007+ document the "detected MIME type" was being returned as "application/zip".

Turns out there's an easy enough fix for this for their servers.  Simply update the web server to include the new \ incorrect MIME types. 



Congrats ACP's and bring on ACC's

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Just a quick post to say congratulations to all those who have achieved Adobe Community Professional for 2011.

I know a few people now who have been awarded this status and I can only say that it's well deserved and hard earned!!

Also, if anyone feels that this blog and the content I provide, and for anyone who knows me my contribution to the community, is worth nominating for ACC, then please feel free to do so ;-)  Honestly, I won't be offended whatsoever ;-)

For those of you who don't know what ACP and ACC are you can find out more below.

ACP (Adobe Community Professional) - http://www.adobe.com/communities/professionals/

ACC (Adobe Community Champion) - http://blogs.adobe.com/community/2011/01/adobe-community-champions-program-launch.html#comment-286


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jQuery Textarea NobleCount Plugin Addition - Prevent Paste

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Firstly, thanks to Jeremy Horn A.K.A. The Product Guy for the jQuery NobleCount plugin.

I've had to use it recently and found it to be quite good, so I've decided to contribute back also.  Nothing much but a possible addition for preventing users from pasting charaters into the relevant textarea and bypassing the keyboard events. See below:


Basic HTML to Excel Formatting

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I've come across this before but have never thought to blog about it, simply because it was quite an easy implementation in the end-up.

If you're exporting data from an HTML table to an Excel workbook, then the following will save you some time when trying to get Microsoft Excel to format the data. and display it as you desire.

Using Microsofts own Office XML format, you can style \ format the cell data using "CSS like" syntax.

For example, if you wish to format a date column, you can simply add a style attribute with the content style='mso-number-format:"mm\/dd\/yyyy"'.  This format is pretty self explanatory, but will format a given date in the format "10/01/2011" for 10th January 2011.

<td style="mso-number-format:"mm\/dd\/yyyy">

If you're a stickler for seperation, like I am, you can take this further by defining CSS Rules in a stylesheet and specifying the class name in your HTML elements.


neo-cron.xml corruption issue

ColdFusion , Misc , Server and Hosting , Gotchas 8 Comments »

After New Years - we returned to a sickly server, and something I never came across before - so I thought I'd share this with you all!


Our servers are deployed as Multiple J2EE Instances runnng the latest version of ColdFusion 9.0.1.

When we tried accessing one particular application, we got the following error:

The Cron service is not available.  
This exception is usually caused by service startup failure. Please check your server configuration.

Don't be fooled by the error message, the real issue lies in a corrupted server file.

Turns out the neo-cron.xml file was corrupted.


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