Creating and Managing your Presentations

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If you ever require resources, both online and offline, for creating, collaborating on and distributing presentations, here is a roundup of some of the resources available which allow you to do so.  The objective of this blog post is more for awareness rather than actually detailing the usage of each option outlined below.  I am also not advocating any particular solution.  They are all great and have their own specific features which may appeal to different users, so the choice is completly yours.  I would advise you to check them all out though!

Aside from using MS Powerpoint, here is my round-up of those resources, in no particular order:

<cfpresentation />
ColdFusion 8 has a number of tags which enable you to dynamically create a slide presentation online.
The <cfpresentation/> tag acts as the parent tag, accompanied by the <cfpresentationslide /> and <cfpresenter /> tags.
Content for your slides can either be HTML\CFML or an Embedded SWF, which is either included between the <cfpresentationslide /> tags
or specified in the source attribute of the <cfpresentationslide /> tag.

For more details on this tag and it's usage - just visit the Online Docs resources:

ColdFusion 9 now also allows for generating PPT presentation files.  See this article for more details:

Adobe Breeze Presenter
Part of the 5 Breeze resources, Presenter allows you to pulish presentations from PowerPoint online.

CF Presenter from ASfusion
This is an application built with 100% ColdFusion Flash forms. Their idea was to produce something similar to Powerpoint with editing and displaying online. 

SlideSix is a multimedia enabled presentation sharing rich web based application created by community member and contributor Todd Sharp

which allows users to import presentation material and personalize their presentations by narrating each slide with video or audio.

In addition to the power of narrating your presentation, users have the ability to embed external videos.
Existing presentations can be searched, rated and viewed giving you access to already existing great content.

SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to creating and distributing presentations.  SlideRocket also includes an online marketplace where you can find all the content and services you might need to enhance your presentations. SlideRocket is provided in a software-as-a-service model in a variety of price points starting at free.

Microsoft Powerpoint \ OneNote (Mac Users)
There's nothing wrong with still using PowerPoint or OneNote to create your presentations, infact some of the online services allow integration with these applications, but with the way things are progressing with Google Docs, Buzzwords etc. and the array of online presentation creation and distribution applications it looks like we'll not have to worry about expensive licensed client software for creating and sharing our presentations!!

If I have omitted anything, please feel free to drop a comment below with the details.

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