Excel Opens but Cannot Find File?

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I came across a funny issue today with Microsoft Excel and thought I should blog it as the resolution wasn't that obvious.

I was working pushing some content from a Web Application to Microsoft Excel when I got the following error message (UPDATE: Click on image to see in FULL).

Excel Error Message

I was working with the same application before and had successfully pushed content to Excel before, what had changed?

I thought back and the last change I made was to my Excel settings, as I wanted to be able to compare two workbooks side by side in a dual monitor setup.  The setting that caused this issue was "Ignore other applications", highlighted below:

Excel Settings

After digging around looking for an explanation as to why this was an issue I found this:

When you open an Excel workbook in Windows Explorer, a dynamic data exchange (DDE) message is sent to Excel, instructing it to open the workbook that you double-clicked.

If the "Ignore other applications" setting is selected, Excel ignores DDE messages sent to it by other programs.  As a result, the DDE message sent to Excel by Windows Explorer is ignored, and Excel does not open the workbook that was requested.

Therefore, the same applies to pushing content via "application/vnd.ms-excel" to th eclient from your application.  If this setting is enabled, the client computer will not be able to open the Excel document.

More details on this issue can be found here.

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