Internet Explorer 'Non-disappearing Content' Bug

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I was working on a form that had dynamic elements based on a users selections.

Each form element has a help context icon that provides users with information on what type of information is required for each particular field.

The issue I had was, I found my help icons and also calendar images, for jQuery datepicker elements, jumping all over the form when elements were being toggled.  Another behaviour was that when a calendar element was selected, the animation would cause the icons to return to normal.  Not behaviour I wanted the users to have to just deal with, so I started on implementing a solution.

Firstly, after trying the same form in other browsers if became obvious that this was an isolated Internet Explorer issue.

After playing with the position of the elements on the form, validating my markup and relocating the style attributes from <P> tags to <DIV> tags I gave up and tried something it!

My search resulted in finding this:

Basically, this was yet another Internet Explorer bug!

To get around the issue - I ended up using jQuery to grab all the elements I needed to toggle, and toggling them.  Craziness!!

Anyway, the form works and the client is happy ;-)

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