Reload Fusebox 5 in ANY Browser

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I found this little trick on the blog of John Whish...which originally started at dopefly dot com.

There is a plugin for Firefox, which has recently been updated for the new Firefox 3, but for lesser browsers - this can make reloading your fusebox apps much easier!

To use it in Internet Explorer

Simply right-click this Full Fusebox Reload link and select "Add to favourites".

To use it in Firefox

Right click on this link Full Fusebox Reload and select "Bookmark this link".

To use it in Safari

Add a bookmark called "Full Fusebox Reload". Once you have created your bookmark, select "Show all bookmarks" from the "Bookmarks" menu and right click on "Full Fusebox Reload" which you have just created and select "Edit address". You need to paste in the following code:


Changing the default password

To change the default password you can simply edit the url address you have for the bookmark and change the prompt('password','defaultpassword') part.

It is also worth noting that this is setup to parse all the files as well so you may want to edit that as well.

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