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Just wanted to blog about these upcoming conferences, as I too would love to attend, at least one ;).

SOTR (Scotch on the Rocks)

1st is an old favourite of mine SOTR (Scotch on the Rocks).  You can get more details here http://www.scotch-on-the-rocks.co.uk/ or by clicking on the badge on the right hand column of this blog.  SOTR is Europes largest and longest standing ColdFusion \ RIA conferences, and with guest speakers such as Ray Camden, Ben Nadel, Terry Ryan, Peter Bell and Luis Majano - how could it not be a success!!


Other conferences that I have yet to attend and am exited about are, in association with Carsonified:

  • The Future of Web Apps - Dublin 2010
  • The Future of Web Design - London 2010
  • The HTML5 Online Conference - Londond 2010


Oh, and if there are any weathly surfing \ web enthuiasts who wish to send anyone to this one - my hands are both raised!!


Lastly - one other page to keep an eye on is 100 Things

100 Things
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

The lineup here speaks for iteself!


I may manage to get time to write a MangoBlog plugin for displaying some of these event badges, so watch this space!


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