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Today I was faced with an interesting dilema...

I was writing some windows batch  scripts to automate some Subversion tasks and I wanted to re-configure the display of the windows cmd.exe window.  I know Console2 and DOSBox are out there but cmd.exe is the default so I'm running with that for now.

So, in the cmd.exe properties dialog (right-click the title bar and select defaults) I configured the command window / dialog display options to be "Full Screen".

Once I ran my batch file, cmd.exe turned my laptop into a dumb terminal / DOS interface while running the sequence of events I had configured.  It's okay, once complete it return back to Windows normally but that wasn't the effect I was after!!  I simply wanted a larger command window within windows...


The problem now though was - How the hell do I get back to "Window" mode?  Everything I ran with cme.exe was switching to this mode!!


Quite simply using the key combination Alt+Enter, I was able to toggle between "Window" and "Full Screen" mode.


So hopefully someone else looking for this Gem will find it here!!

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7 responses to “MS Windows cmd.exe window and Fullscreen”

  1. Dom Says:
    Ooh, is this a new Windows 7 feature? Sounds handy. I love Console 2 but it doesn't maximize and you can't make it the default command prompt application. I wonder if Windows 8 has made any advances on the old shitty CMD prompt...
  2. Niall O'Doherty Says:
    Alt+Enter is handy for switching but other than that I prefer the windowed dialog. I'm not actually sure what they have planned re cmd for Windows 8 but seeing as its not changed much in previous version I wouldn't get too excited :-;
  3. Jim Priest Says:
    I'm still tinkering with but it's a nice shell replacement and I like it a bit better than Console2. I'm fairly sure it'll do full screen.
  4. Niall O'Doherty Says:
    Nice Jim thanks for sharing that! Installing just now to play around.
  5. Dominic Watson Says:
    FYI, on Windows 7 32-bit here at work, when I hit Ctrl-Enter I get a message "This system does not support fullscreen mode." Shame. Time to checkout maximus5...
  6. Nialls Blog Says:
    Yeah I have discovered that Windows 7 doesn't support full screen mode - XP is fine.

    But ConEmu is the Dogs!!!
  7. Dominic Watson Says:
    Yeah, it sure is - horrible menu of a gazillion options but does the business. Will be replacing Console2 for sure (it does full screen too).

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