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YouBloom is a community-based platform created by artists for artists and their friends and fans.  Established to support unsigned talent, YouBloom's Vision is to enable musicians and artists to fulfill their potential, building and connecting them directly with a wider audience and – importantly – helping them to make a living.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending one of their awards cermonies, complements of my good friend Paddy Cutliff, where a number of bands \ artists performed live.

Aside from rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sir Bob Geldof, YouBloom founder Phil Harrington, International A&R music legend Nigel Grainge, songwriter & music producer Rupert Hine etc.  I also got to listen to and meet some amazing new and up-coming talent!!  There were no cover bands or karaoke queens here - this was the real deal!!!

Of all the acts that performed I thought it was worth mentioning those whose music just clicked with me (in no particular order of course ;-)).

Intermission -

The Guilty Ones -

Marina V -

If you get the chance, I would seriously recommend checking these bands out. 

Also if you wish, you can also get involved - head over to the YouBloom website.  Simply register your details and you can listen to the artist and vote for your favourites.

All in all it was an amazing night!!

Thanks Paddy ;-)


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